Sonic Drilling

As part of our desire to meet the drilling demands of our clients and a recognition that their demands were gradually becoming increasingly sophisticated, in 2013 Indodrill entered a strategic alliance with GeoSonic Drilling, a Scottish company that specialises in providing sonic drilling services. This alliance enables Indodrill to offer GeoSonic’s rigs and expertise to clients across Southeast Asia, Australia, and EMEA.

Sonic drilling uses an innovative drilling process that employs high-frequency vibratory forces produced by a specially designed hydraulically powered drill head or oscillator. This method allows for the recovery of high-quality samples in ground conditions where conventional drilling methods struggle to obtain a continuous core sample.

Sonic drill rigs have a proven track record of advancing boreholes through a vast array of ground conditions for geotechnical, geo-environmental, mineral exploration and renewable energy purposes. Sonic drilling is commonly used in the following industries:

  1. Infrastructure
    GeoSonic has a proven track record of delivering meaningful ground investigation information across harbour road and rail infrastructure markets throughout the UK and beyond.
  2. Renewables
    The majority of large-scale wind farms are generally located in remote regions be it mountain plateaus or off-shore in the marine environment.
  3. Commercial & Residential Construction
    The early part of the 2000s saw the property market, most notably the residential sector, become a foundation stone of the UK ground investigation industry.
  4. Mineral Exploration
    The rapid recovery of continuous samples within alluvial deposits, tailings, waste dumps and altered rock formations presents mine geologists with the most comprehensive record of or distribution available in today’s marketplace.
  5. Nuclear
    Building on the sonic drilling principles of the rapid and clean style of borehole construction we have established ourselves as one of the go to drilling contractors within the nuclear industry regardless of the purpose of the ground investigation.

Sonic drilling offers numerous commercial advantages, such as:

  • The fast recovery of high-quality samples without the subjectivity of site profiling associated with other drilling techniques;
  • The speed and quality of this data results in a positive impact on all subsequent supply chain costs;
  • The absence of refusal through the ability to drill through obstructions that may result in a failed borehole when other drilling methods are used;
  • An inherently clean technique that produces minimal waste; and
  • Excellent safety standards, systems, and control measures ensuring safety at all times.

Sonic drilling allows Indodrill to deliver innovative and project-specific solutions that increase our capability offering to our clients, providing them with the ability to reach their goals where conventional drilling techniques may be unable to do so.

We welcome any inquiries regarding our sonic capabilities and how it may have a positive impact on your operations. If you would like to make an inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.