ID200 Light-weight, Man-Portable Drill Rig

Number in Fleet: 9

Description: The ID200 utilises the same design features as the ID500. The heaviest component is the diesel engine module at 170kg. The ID200 is capable of 50 metres PQ, 100 metres HQ and 200 metres NQ coring. The total rig weight is 906kg.

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ID200 Light-weight, Man-Portable Drill Rig Specifications


Engine: Kubota V1505 30HP @ 3000Rpm

Hydraulics: Fixed displacement gear pump, 2 segments, 60 litres and 30 litres @ 210 Bar.

Filtration: In-Tank filter on return Oil

Hydraulic Tank: Capacity 150 litres

Heat Exchanger: Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Water Cooled

Mast: Lattice boom construction, Allows 1.8 metres head travel, directly coupled to traverse cylinder. Mast Length 6.5 Metres allows for 6 Metre rod pull.

Pull Back: 2,500Kg @ 210 Bar

Pull Down: 1,000Kg @ 120 Bar 

Main Winch: 2,700Kg @ 210 bar bare drum pull, 18 Metres 10mm wire rope

Wire Line Winch: 600Kg @ 210 bar, 250 metres 6mm wire rope.

Rotation Head: Oil bath single gear reduction, 3.3:1 speed 610rpm, Torque 335 Nm @ 210 Bar, Head slide to allow 6 Metre rod pull.

Control Panel: All hydraulic, electrical and instrumentation are mounted at the control panel.

Head Traverse: Fast feed 0.5 M per sec, slow feed 0-2 M per min.

Foot Clamp: Hydraulic Cylinders open/close, eccentric cam, tungsten insert jaw.

Drilling Capacity: PQ - 50 Metres / HQ – 100 Metres / NQ – 200 Metres.

Approximate Overall Rig Weight: 1,800kg